Free Assessment

Patented Assessment Tool – Complete the free teen help assessment for a clear picture of where your daughter stands therapeutically.

The patented online assessment helps determine the level of care for your daughter. The free online assessment does not represent a commitment to joining the program. Instead, the assessment will help us determine if our program is the right place for your daughter. Discovery Connections for Girls (DCG) wants your daughter to receive the best care possible. The results of the assessment will help you find the program that is right for your daughter, even if that program is not DCG.

Please begin the assessment below. We are happy to send you the assessment results via email; however, we have found that telephone interaction and discussion are far more insightful and helpful. When you call, one of our professionals will answer any questions you may have about the results. We respect your privacy and NEVER share your contact information. You are on the right track to recovery for your daughter.

We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Please call one of our Admissions Coordinators at:

phone: 801.800.8033
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Melanie Evans
Admissions Director

Barbara Davis
Admissions Coordinator



  • – Parents or guardians should complete the assessment for their teens. The assessment evaluates the behavior of teens between 13-18 years-old.
  • – Fill out the evaluation test for only one teen at a time.
  • – Read each statement carefully.
  • – Select the number that most accurately describes your child.
Youth-Outcomes Questionnaire

The name of this patented assessment is the Youth-Outcome Questionnaire (Y-OQ). The Y-OQ looks at six different kinds of behaviors found in troubled teens and places them on a scale. Therefore, the assessment helps to identify problem areas for your daughter.

The six areas that the Y-OQ evaluates are Intrapersonal Distress (ID), Somatic (S) issues, Interpersonal Relations (IR), Social Problems (SP), Behavioral Dysfunction (BD), and also Critical Items (CI).

When problems are identified, you and your daughter can begin taking steps toward finding solutions. In addition, the results of the assessment will be used to monitor your daughter’s progress in the DCG program.